Chasing Dreams, Racing Sunsets.

On a warm autumn evening, the old motorcycle, weathered by years of adventures, stood silent in the barn. As the sun dipped low, it roared to life, eager for one more ride. The motorcyclist embarked on a spirited 'Countryside Cruise,' chasing the sunset through golden fields, capturing the essence of freedom and fall's beauty.

Photomanipulation made with Adobe Photoshop

Character design.

While crafting the rider for this artwork, I aimed to infuse a touch of retro charm and rustic appeal. The farmer-vibe beard and well-worn leather jacket exude ruggedness, while classic driving goggles lend a vintage, adventurous spirit to the character. Together, these elements create a motocyclist who bridges the gap between a timeless era and the timeless beauty of the countryside.
Before // After


In shaping the backdrop for this piece, my aim was to immerse viewers in the captivating beauty of autumn. The color scheme, inspired by the warm hues of a sundown sky, bathes the entire scene in rich reds and oranges, casting a nostalgic, golden glow over the landscape.

The farm setting provided an opportunity to infuse rustic charm into the composition. With cows grazing peacefully, chickens bustling about, and tractors quietly at rest, the farm became a picturesque tableau of rural life.

The curved road, winding gracefully through the countryside, and the wooden fence that lines it, emerged as essential elements in capturing the sense of movement and direction in the scene. Together, they guide the viewer's eye, inviting them to join the motocyclist on a journey through this idyllic countryside.

Before // After
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